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One Day Workshops on Projects & Change, Leadership, Resilience, Reputation and Impact.

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Projects & Change Workshops

Practical Project Management

Discover a more practical way to deliver projects with our most popular workshop. Simplify the practice of projects into five core principles. Over 10,000 people have been trained in these principles.

"Lots of incredibly useful techniques"

Leading Collaborative Projects

Learn how to lead in collaborative programmes. It's certainly one way of ensuring that you attract premium positions, enhance your personal reputation and advance your career.  The challenge is that successful collaborations don’t ‘just happen’. Learn how to lead yours.

"Interesting, Informative and Practical"

Practical Facilitation For Projects & Change

Deveop the skills to lead with ease. Facilitating individuals through a problem, debate or conversation in order to reach a specified outcome can often be a  challenging ask but the skills to do so is curcial to success in projects and change.

"Hugely relevant and packed full of immediately useful advice"

Resilience Workshops

Developing A Resilience Mindset

Projects & Change are certainly challenging. It can become hard to retain your motivation and performance in these 'do more with less' times. Resilience is crucial and significantly needs to translate into robust, consistent and sustained resilient behaviours. We'll show you how.

"Well measured, focused and very much focused on practical situations and advice, rather than on abstract concepts"

Managing Your Imposter

Ever feel like you're about to be found out and you're not as good as people think you are? It's suprisingly common and can prevent you from being as successful as you deserve. Learn how to manage your imposter.

"Really excellent! Very useful, reassuring and informative. Very professional delivery"

Thriving Through Change

Change is inevitable. We may be more focused on managing change than on managing the fundamentals of our day job. Whether the change is wanted or imposed, it is never easy. Learn how to meet the challenges of change, do more than survive, and set ourselves up to thrive through change.

"Truly excellent - I wish I’d done this course decades ago"

Transform The Performance Of Your People With Our Mindset Methods

These proven and pragmatic one day workshops target key skills for your people to deliver projects and change with greater ease and effectiveness.

A Smarter Solution For Projects & Change

Leadership & Innovation Workshops

First Steps Into Leadership

Many of us do not consider ourselves to be leaders, although there are certainly times when those around us are expecting  us to lead - whether that be teams, projects or pieces of work. Learn how a leader thinks and behaves and lead your own projects to success.

"Great to finally learn leadership skills by experience and practice"

Having Courageous Conversations

Whether dealing with difficut behaviours or managing challenging stakeholders, having the ability to handle challenging conversations with courage and integrity is a crucial skill to have in our toolkit.

"I now have much greater confidence in my ability to deal with tricky and intimidating conversations"

Creative Problem Solving

We are endlessly faced with problems, and often in projects we are expected to find creative solutions.    When we are busy and under pressure it can be hard to find time to think,  let alone to find a creative approach or an innovative way to resolve problems and deliver solutions. We'll show you how you can bring creative problem solving and innovative solution delivery into our day to day work. 

"Well-paced and a completely different approach to training"

Reputation & Impact Workshops

Practical Networking

For many people working in the project environment, networking is a necessary evil; we know that it has the potential to deliver huge benefits, but it is not something that we do easily, regularly or even particularly competently. Learn an easier way to network.

"Im never going to be a networking guru but at least now I have some practical tips for how to handle the challenge. I even think I might actually be quite good at it now!" "

Managing Your Professional Reputation

When it comes to our careers, the rewards we achieve, the assignments we get offered and the career progress we make, our reputation is everything. Learn how to enhance yours without taking precious time away from delivering on your commitments.

"Practical and thought provoking – a rare combination"

Sandpit Facilitation

Sometimes you just need to solve a problem, bring collaborative groups together and generate new ideas, approches and intellectual property. Our accelerated sandpit events are proven to make that happen.

"It was a great day – one of the best sandpit events we’ve been to. We got two big projects directly from it."

Transform Your Projects & Change
With Mindset Method Workshops

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"Outstanding! Detailed insight and practical tips provided me with much greater confidence."

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"One of the most useful courses I’ve been on."

"Amazing training!"

"Interesting, Informative and Practical."

"Well-paced and a completely different approach to training."

"Practical and thought provoking – a rare combination."

"Lots of incredibly useful techniques."

"Truly excellent - I wish I’d done this course decades ago"